Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New work on yukomich.co.uk

I've just finished a new piece of pencil drawing and it's on my main website now!

It's called Nepenthes Triangle. It's drawn in the same style as Nepenthes Circle which I created in 2009.

Those Nepenthes pieces are inspired by embroideries of the Hmong tribes. Their embroideries are heavily based on the shapes you can find in nature such as flowers/birds/insects/leaves.
I incorporated those shapes in these pieces too and also applied pencil lines that resemble thread of embroideries.

The other new experimental piece 'Circles' is in colour! I really rarely use colour in my work but I thought, well I can't just live in the world of black and white for the rest of my life!

The original drawing I used for this piece was created in black and white in 2008 (or maybe 2007...? Well long long time ago that's for sure). I applied colour in this piece by layering scanned colour pencil swatch on top of the original drawing.

Huh one thing that came into my mind working on Circles.

P H O T O S H O P I S A M A Z I N G G G G G G . . . . . . ! ! !

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Another yukomich.co.uk Update

I've just updated my main website with more photos showing details of my illustrations.

Now back to the land of drawings!