Thursday, 8 October 2009

From The Woods

This is the new piece I've just finished and successfully scanned this afternoon!
It's called 'From The Woods'. I had this phrase in the poem The Gyres by Yeats in my mind while working on this piece which goes

Out of cavern comes a voice,
And all it knows is that one word 'Rejoice!'

I think the women are looking into the cavern. They want to embrace the voice but are also skeptical to the voice from the outside world. It's a bit like, they never thought about something like 'rejoice' in their lives because for them life's all about getting on with things they've got to do. Now all of a sudden this concept of rejoice gashed into their lives and they're a bit like, what are you talking about...?

It's on my main website now too. I did have a very productive day! (Have you noticed it's the second post of the day!!)

Stereohype Badges Arrival!!

Today I received the badges I designed for Stereohype in the post!
So nice seeing my work made into a product. Yes they are just badges and I might be making too much fuss about it but you know. It's something special for a just-starting-up-freshly-out-of-University-freelance-illustrator such as myself! Of course I took out my new favourite gadget of the world Olympus Pen (thanks to my dear mother I would never ever be able to afford it otherwise) and took some photos.

I went to a print shop this morning to scan my new piece but their large format scanner was broken..... such a shame. I was going to dedicate my morning to updating my website with some newly drawn ladies of the woods but well that has to wait until this afternoon...
But let this be a lesson. I'm going to ring the print shop before I leave this time to make sure the scanner is fixed! Ha! Humans are the animals that can learn from mistakes!