Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Frinton Press Wrapping Paper

Frinton Press's wrapping papers arrived today!
The papers came rolled up in a really nice triangular prism (I do know a lot of words for a foreigner, don't I? ...To tell you the truth, I heavily rely on the dictionary on Mac and this time was not an exception. Such a cheat I am. Proudly too.)
All the wrapping papers are seriously good and seeing my design presented with all the amazing designs of the other artists made me cheerful and joyful after a day of hard work.

Frinton Press are organising a group show to exhibit the wrapping paper + other works of all artists involved in the wrapping paper project too. The private view of the show will be on 25/Nov/2010 at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes off Old Street, London.
I think they're having live screen printing and all exciting activities on top of things like meeting interesting creatives and being boozed up on Thursday night.

It would be fantastic if any of you reading this blog can make it there. I will definitely be there too!