Thursday, 8 October 2009

From The Woods

This is the new piece I've just finished and successfully scanned this afternoon!
It's called 'From The Woods'. I had this phrase in the poem The Gyres by Yeats in my mind while working on this piece which goes

Out of cavern comes a voice,
And all it knows is that one word 'Rejoice!'

I think the women are looking into the cavern. They want to embrace the voice but are also skeptical to the voice from the outside world. It's a bit like, they never thought about something like 'rejoice' in their lives because for them life's all about getting on with things they've got to do. Now all of a sudden this concept of rejoice gashed into their lives and they're a bit like, what are you talking about...?

It's on my main website now too. I did have a very productive day! (Have you noticed it's the second post of the day!!)

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