Monday, 25 October 2010


Long time no blog!

A friend of mine recently reminded me I hadn't updated my blog for ages. I said to her I don't blog much nowadays because I use Twitter. She was properly disgusted. She disapproves of Twitter on the same level as I disapprove of the existence of celery sticks dipped in peanuts butter (I know I know it's freaky isn't it. Please tell my boyfriend. He thinks it's normal. I have no idea where his definition of normality stems from and having know his celery-peanut addiction, I'm pretty sure I don't want to know).
Another friend of mine I had lunch with today told me she writes on her blog a lot. And she
indeed does write very interesting stuff and I find myself going back to check it ever so often.

Anyway in a nutshell, I decided to add another entry to my long forgotten

I blurb my creative finds and interesting this and that on Twitter so much, that I'm finding myself empty of things worth mentioning here.

So, I'm doing not-the-most-interesting-thing-to-do on this blog today. I'm putting some of my recent illustrations.

By the way I've just remembered something worth mentioning as I was waiting for the image to be uploaded.
I watched Mauvais Sang, aka The Night is Young by Leos Carax tonight. I do believe the film is one of the best creation in the history of film making so I recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.
I've just checked the dvd cover and found the film was actually made in 1986. 1 9 8 6 ...!? I was four when this film was made but it doesn't look dated at all. Apparently Leos Carax was going out with Juliette Binoche back then. Well, having seen the film just now, may I say, it's pretty obvious he loved her so much. She is just stunning in the film. I'd easily give it ★★★★★.

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Ben Mills said...

Love that pic Yuko : )