Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Baby Weaving

I did a photoshoot this morning of one of my A1 sized (well technically speaking it's slightly bigger than A1 at 640 x 900 mm. But you know I'm not an anal graphic designer!) pencil drawings called 'Baby Weaving'. The photoshoot went superbly well with the help of an amazingly practical and incredibly nice photography technician.
It was very VERY satisfying to see the piece properly framed and photographed since it took me about staggering 5 weeks of house-worming (which is a term for my state of being when I'm drawing drawing drawing and cannot possibly think about anything else and don't leave my flat unless absolutely necessary such as lack of food on a life-threatening level) to create this piece.  
I'm planning of showing it in my degree show along with other A1 pieces of illustration I have created and am still working on so those of you who are at least ever so slightly curious to see the details of the drawing , please do come to University of Brighton Illustration/Graphic Design Degree Show!

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