Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Llama Groom

I've had an extremely busy day today running around trying to scan my illustration (I know it doesn't sound like much of a mission, but if the piece you're trying to scan is A1 sized, trust me things would get much more complicated!) and to frame it. Anything digital and me are not very good friends so some things went a bit wrong as always but in the end I've achieved what I planned, which means yes yes I'm picking up the new work "Llama Groom" nicely framed from the framer tomorrow!
The one at the top is the work "Llama Groom". It's the same size as "Baby Weaving" (SRA1 that is) and I'm going to show it in the degree show along with "Baby Weaving" and another piece which I'm still working on called "Harvest". The two eggs in the middle are the eggs of the llamas of the two maidens at the top. They're playing music for their unborn babies. All the other ladies are mothers of the llamas they're carrying on their backs helping the two maidens entering their motherhood. 
And also I made the other pattern based illustration today. Yes I'm a prim and proper workaholic! haha.

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