Saturday, 6 June 2009

The private view

I was at the Brighton Uni Degree Show private view last night. It went superbly well and I got to talk to very nice people who could possibly give me some commissions (always welcome, ALWAYS!) and lots of mums and dads of my dear friends. It was a bit weird and sensational seeing the parents of my fellow students I've known for almost 3 years for the first time though. Seriously, some of the parents/siblings looked like different gendered/aged versions of them. (Yes I'm talking about you, Josh!) I repeated "wow they're like crones..." quite a lot in my head, but of course I had enough self-control and politeness not to say it in front of them even though I'm one of those people who can't hide what they're thinking. Apparently my face shows a lot about what I'm thinking according to my dear friends. So well done me.
Unfortunately I was too busy running around having a good time and forgot to take photos... But I'm thinking of asking people if they've got any photos from last night and if they do, I'll post them here soon. Fingers crossed.
Thanks to all those who came to the private view. Hope you had a fun time!

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